Archives & Research

The Society has an extensive and growing archive collection of books, journals, family papers, maps, photos, slides and other documents, all housed in an annex of the Glebe Hall at Winterbourne Earls.

We have a full run of the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History magazine going back to 1853, an original copy of Andrews' and Drury's 1773 Map of Wiltshire and an almost complete set of the Wiltshire Record Society's annual publications.

Items can be studied at the Glebe Hall or, at the discretion of the Archivist, may be borrowed by members for home study. The original aims of the Society - to collect, preserve and study local documents - remain of paramount importance and members are encouraged to undertake personal research on local topics. The Archivist and other Society officers are always ready to suggest topics that need study and will assist newcomers in their research work.

Additions to the archives are always welcome, and if you possess original documents or photographs of interest that you do not wish to part with just yet, we will arrange for them to be copied and added to our collection.

Remember that today's activities become tomorrow's history, and it is important to document in photographs, videos, DVDs, maps and text our rapidly changing environment.